In This Together

They say you’re either a dog or a cat person, and I’m unashamedly the latter. But it was only once I’d put the 2016 season together, that I realised the shows were full of dogs. In fact, my inaugural season for HotHouse Theatre is a veritable menagerie of canines, mammals, insects and birds.

In a world grappling with climate change, and the rapid decline of thousands of the planet’s species, animals represent everything that is fragile and precious to us. Whether it’s the unconditional love of a devoted pet, or the endangered Squirrel Glider in our own regional backyard, our fellow creatures inspire us every day to embrace hope and fight for what matters. They remind us of our responsibility and powerful impact as human beings, and that we are not alone: we are in this together.

If the primary theme of the season is survival, then the mantra of HotHouse in 2016 is to embrace life and have more fun. We will be out and about more often, providing playful opportunities for you to engage with us. Look out for The Hotspot Talks, a series of critical dialogues happening around town, and our Sunday Best Playreadings. With a nod to the larrikin spirit of our MRPG forebears, the infamous Galah Bar will be resurrected, as a platform for our community’s best emerging talent and ideas.

I warmly invite you to join the HotHouse menagerie in 2016. This is a season with a big furry heart, and it’s ready to embrace you.