Our Mission

Through the power of new Australian theatre, we explore compelling ideas and inspire our community to embrace creativity.

Our Vision

To be a creative force 
in Australian theatre-making and a cultural force in our regional community.

HotHouse Theatre is an adventurous producer and presenter of high quality Australian theatre, and a centre for artistic retreat and development. Located on the border of regional NSW and Victoria, we also provide artistic and professional development programs for the communities of Albury-Wodonga, and the surrounding regions of Southern NSW and North East Victoria.

We began as the Murray River Performing Group in 1979, when nine brilliant, determined Victorian College of the Arts theatre graduates descended upon the border towns of Albury-Wodonga. Their mission: to settle in the region and respond theatrically to its life and spirit. In 1997 we transformed into HotHouse Theatre, a contemporary, professional theatre company offering diverse, exciting theatre fare to our regional audiences.

In 2016, we are a versatile organisation with deep local roots and broad national reach. The people of our region continue to support us generously: as engaged audience members, as sponsors and givers, and as enthusiastic partners and participants in our community programs and services.

Our Values


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We support Australian artists to make adventurous, compelling work, and the people of our community and company to converse, explore, and express.


We are inquisitive about our home, our people and the broader landscape. We explore the interests, stories, experiences and social dynamics of our community and connect them to the heart of our theatre-making practice and our satellite events.


We partner with amazing theatre artists and companies throughout Australia to make culturally relevant work. We collaborate with local businesses and organisations to invite our community into a critical dialogue with us.

Cultural Leadership

Individually and collectively, we are active in the life of our region. We acknowledge our remarkable roots and understand that without the support of our community, we would not be here. We lead activities. We get involved. We are a gathering place, a cultural oasis, and an enthusiastic partner. We show up and support other organisations and events in our community.


We are an inclusive organisation and we support diversity in our workplace. We show respect for everyone who connects or works with us. We listen, we try to understand, we are compassionate. When our partners and collaborators think and work differently to us, we consider this an opportunity to learn.