crowd in foyer at galah bar
Image by Ian Sutherland. Galah Bar #3 audience during intermission.

Celsius is a pilot program in 2019/2020 generated by HotHouse Theatre supporting and resourcing local independent artists from the Albury Wodonga region. It means you get support for dramaturgy, creative development and presentation of your locally produced independent production.

Independent performing artists and groups (professional or with professional aspirations), who live and work in the Albury-Wodonga region are all eligible for the program. Even ex-pat artists who have a family home base here, who return frequently and who are active in the local arts community.

Submissions for 2019 are now closed.

This year, we’re working with artists across two productions, and five creative developments.

Guidelines about the 2020 program are available soon.  Check back with HotHouse Theatre in December for 2020 applications.



Over two years six creative developments receive:

  • One week of rehearsal space.
  • Basic tech support for a work-in-progress showing in either The Hume Bank Butter Factory Theatre or Studio at the end of the development process – including a feedback session.
  • $3,000 toward the costs the creative development.

Over two years six creative developments receive:

  • One week of The Hume Bank Butter Factory Theatre occupation and technical support for bump-in, three performances, and bump-out.
  • The Box Office income will be split, with 60% to artists and 40% to HotHouse Theatre.  
  • Season marketing guidance, including a dedicated webpage per project, and the creation of templates for production collateral.
  • $7,000 toward production costs.


You can download the 2020 Production and Development Guidelines soon.
You can download the Word Budget worksheet here
You can download the Excel Budget workbook here.
You can download the MEAA co-op/Profit Share contract here
You can download the 2019 MEAA rates of pay here

Talk with us via email for more information.


Celsius Dramaturgy Fund

Apply for the Celsius Dramaturgy Fund in 2019/2020.

You can apply for dramaturgy funds if you are not submitting to the Creative Development or Production strand. A dramaturg is the person providing context for the development of your ideas. 

It is for artists wanting to bring in an outside eye or creative catalyst for their ideas or projects; or, writers who want to develop their scripts; or, it is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a particular artist (composer/choreographer etc). 

We suggest larger and/or more advanced projects consider applying to Celsius’ Creative Development strand.

Each grant is budgeted to cover roughly one week of a dramaturg’s wages ($1,300). There are also some funds available to pay for travel and per diems. Applicants can opt to travel to the location of the dramaturg, being mindful that out-of-town accommodation costs are beyond the financial scope of the fund.

How to apply

  • Meet with us to discuss your project. Email
  • If your activity fits the category, you’ll be asked to submit two pages of information about the project and the artist you want to work with.

Celsius has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.