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Galah Bar audience during intermission at Galah Bar #3.

HotHouse Theatre is pleased to invite submissions from local independent artists and artistic teams to be part of its 2019 Celsius program. The deadline for submissions is 5pm Monday 3 June 2019.


It’s a pilot independent performance development initiative for the Albury-Wodonga region, created and managed by HotHouse Theatre. Celsius supports resourcing for dramaturgy, creative development, and the presentation of locally-produced independent productions in 2019/20.


Independent artists and groups (professional or with professional aspirations), who live and work in the Albury-Wodonga region. Ex-pat artists who have a family home base here, who return frequently and who are active in the local arts community, can also apply to Celsius. The program does not support artists from major neighbouring regional centres such as Wagga Wagga or Wangaratta.


In the current round closing 3 June, three projects will receive support for Creative Development, and three for Independent Production between July and December 2019. You can submit to either the Creative development or the Production strand (not both for 2019).

Three creative development projects will each receive:

  • One week of rehearsal space. Basic tech support for a work-in-progress showing in either The Butter Factory Theatre or Studio at the end of the development process – including a feedback session.
  • $3,000 toward the costs the creative development.

Three independent productions will each receive:

  • One week of Butter Factory Theatre occupation and technical support for bump-in, three performances, and bump-out. The Box Office income will be split, with 60% to artists and 40% to HotHouse.  
  • Season marketing support, including a dedicated webpage per project, and the creation of templates for production collateral.
  • $7,000 toward production costs.


The Celsius program is for local artists and artistic teams (emerging or established) who work professionally, or who have aspirations to work professionally. It is intended to develop new theatre practice in the region, and to support local artists to lead their unique performance projects through creative development, and/or into small-scale production phase.   

Celsius supports the ‘broad church’ that is theatre, i.e.: text or script-based or physical or experimental theatre, circus, cabaret, musical or queer theatre, Aboriginal theatre etc. It’s doesn’t support straight music gigs, stand-up, or sketch acts lacking theatrical structure.  We are looking for Creative Developments that seek to develop interesting ideas, and Productions which can run at a minimum of 50 minutes and a maximum of approximately 2 hours long. Both Creative Developments and Productions must be designed to take place in our Butter Factory Theatre. If it is critical to the nature of the work, artists can make a case to show or present in the immediate surrounds of the theatre (on Gateway Island).

Celsius projects may be newly conceived or based on existing scripts (Australian or international). Celsius projects may have had previous developments, but Productions which have already had full performance seasons are not eligible to receive Production support.


Projects will be selected by a panel made-up of local and visiting artists and arts workers, community stakeholders, and a HotHouse representative. The panel will consider:  

  • The artistic vision for the project;
  • The benefit to the artists involved;
  • The planning and viability of the project.


  1. You can submit up to three pages of project description which must include:
  • Your artistic vision for the project: describe (in plain English) what the project is about, and why you want to do it. What is compelling about it and why does it excite you? Give as much detail as possible about the look and feel of either your Creative Development or Production. Who else is involved?
  • What you hope to achieve with either your Creative development or Production.  How will your project or its artists benefit from Celsius support? What future do you see for your project? Why are you passionate about this project at this particular moment in time?
  • The best timing for the project. Please nominate three sets of development or performance dates from 22 July up to 15 December (of one week’s length each), in order of preference. Please check the Theatre and Studio availability on the Celsius webpage to ensure your nominated dates don’t clash with HotHouse events.
  • A section of brief biographies (one paragraph per person) for everyone involved in your project.
  • Please use the Excel Budget template supplied to create a budget for your project.

Celsius income is included in the template, but you can also add in other support you think you might get in grants, donations or in-kind support.  In the Notes to Budget section, you can explain some of your financial workings, and which income is hoped for but unconfirmed. You can also tell us about how you and other artists will work together financially (minimum wage, fees, profit-share). 

  • You can supply some Support material for the Production strand only. Please don’t submit any support material for the Creative Development strand.
  • You can attach up to five pages of script/project content in pdf form to accompany your submission.
  • You can supply a URL with up to 5 minutes (in total) of video/audio/visual material, using Youtube, Vimeo, Flikr, Soundcloud or any similar platform. Please include the link in your 3-page project description, along with any passwords needed to access the material.
    You can submit brief emails/letters confirming significant.
  • partnerships or financial contributions. Please don’t submit general ‘support letters’.

Celsius Dramaturgy Fund

In 2019, three projects will receive small grants for project dramaturgy.  In this first year of Celsius, you can only apply for dramaturgy funds if you are not submitting to the CreativeDevelopment or Production strand.

The Dramaturgy fund is for writers who want to work with a dramaturg at any stage of new script development, or for artists wanting to bring in an outside eye or creative catalyst for their ideas or projects. The fund is primarily meant for applicants to work one-on-one with a particular dramaturg/s or artist (composer/choreographer etc). Larger and/or more advanced projects should consider applying to Celsius’ Creative Development strand.

Each grant is budgeted to cover roughly one week of a dramaturg’s wages ($1,300). There are also some funds available to pay for travel and per diems for the dramaturg, as well as accommodation at the Month In The Country farmhouse.  Applicants can opt to travel to the location of the dramaturg, being mindful that out-of-town accommodation costs are beyond the financial scope of the fund.

How to apply

  • In the first instance, contact Lyn Wallis or Beck Palmer at to organise a meeting (phone, Skype or in person) to discuss your project.
  • If your activity fits the category, you’ll be asked to submit up to two pages of information about the project and who you want to work with. The submission deadline for the dramaturgy fund is 5pm Monday 3 June 2019.

Theatre and Studio availability

Part Week Tuesday 23 – Saturday 27 July

Full Week commencing 5 August
Full Week commencing 12 August
Full Week commencing 19 August

Part Week Monday 2 Sept till Thursday 5 September
Part Week Monday 9 Sept till Thursday 12 September
Part Week Tuesday 24 Sept till Thursday 26 September

Full Week Commencing Monday 7 October
Part Week Tuesday 22 October till Saturday 26 October
Full Week Commencing Monday 28 October

Full Week Commencing Monday 11 November
Full Week Commencing Monday 25 November

Full Week Commencing Monday 2 December
Full Week Commencing Monday 9 December


Submission deadline: 5pm Monday 3 June,
Assessment: mid-June,
Notification: late June.
Projects take place: July-December.


We are available throughout May to discuss projects and the submission process with you individually.  You can request to meet in May (in person, by phone or Skype etc) by emailing Either Lyn Wallis or Beck Palmer will then call you to confirm a time.


You can download the Production and Development Guidelines here
You can download the Word Budget worksheet here
You can download the Excel Budget workbook here.
You can download the MEAA co-op/Profit Share contract here