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Monday 24th June
Miles Franklin
Paul Brunton

Paul was senior Curator, Mitchell Library State Library of NSW till Nov. 2001. He published an annotated edition of Franklin’s Diaries in 2004.

Miles Franklin is best known as author of the wonderfully rebellious novel My Brilliant Career, published in 1901 when she was 21, which made her a literary star. She moved to America in 1906 and worked with the Woman’s National Trade Union League. She published All that Swagger in 1936.

Both books were hugely successful and saw her in high demand as a radio broadcaster. She was a celebrity and everyone spoke of her vitality and wit.

Upon her death in 1954, she left her estate to fund the Miles Franklin Literary Award. Even though she had a huge capacity for life there was a “creepy melancholy” which she revealed to few.

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